The Russelior Hotel & Spa, your hotel & spa in Hammamet, in a heavenly paradise with its gardens and swimming pool

To make you have a never-to-forget stay in our hotel and spa, The Russelior, we welcome you in a single and charming setting. In Yasmine Hammamet you get all the magic of the East and the charms of Tunisia. The team of your hotel and spa in Hammamet are vying with imagination to make your holidays in Tunisia even more memorable.

Far more than a simple garden, an appeasing and environment-friendly atmosphere.

The Russelior Hotel & Spa is first a hotel and spa mixing facinating inspiration of the East with the latest technological inventions. Our 5 Star palace in Hammamet aims to be the example of medern architecture, in harmony with nature. Your hotel and spa in Hammamet was also imagined according to a well demonstrated enviromental  and ecological perception. Please, relax in our 5 hectare- garden property. Exotic and tropical flowers enliven this preserved natural Garden of Eden.

From your room in your hotel and spa in Hammamet, please enjoy the stunning view of this garden from the Esat.

From pool to garden: all the assets of a 5 Star in Hammamet.

Knowing how to marry tropical lush vegetation to waterfalls and ponds, our garden invites you enjoy fullness and peace of mind. It’s a real heaven of peace to cherish you with no less than 2,000 palm- trees of 5 different species. It is the magic of the East. So, let yourself be taken by the feeling of fullness.

Because your holidays have to allow you memorable time with your family, a 2,000 m² lagoon pool was outfitted for everybody’s delight. Original and unique in its approach and philosophy, your hotel and spa in Hammamet, The Russlior gives shelter to an over 3,000m² vast spa, another must-visit place in our hotel. Ready to enjoy a unique moment entirely devoted to your fullness and delight?